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Roger Kasendorf, DO -  - Osteopathic Physician

Roger Kasendorf, DO

Osteopathic Physician & Physical Rehabilitation located in La Jolla, CA

Dr. Kasendorf is experienced in helping cancer patients from throughout the La Jolla, CA, area manage the pain associated with all types of cancer, using a whole-health approach to stimulate the body's natural pain-relieving processes.

Cancer Pain Management Q & A

How does osteopathy help with cancer-related pain management?

Osteopaths help patients tap into the body's natural healing properties to reduce pain and inflammation and relieve the stress and anxiety that often accompany chronic illnesses such as cancer. Using techniques like massage, gentle stretching, joint and muscle manipulation, and cranial osteopathy (gently manipulation of your spine and neck), Dr. Kasendorf can pinpoint locations causing pain and help relieve associated strain and inflammation. Plus, he'll work with you to determine if additional pain-relieving medication or changes in lifestyle might aid in providing relief.

Is osteopathy a good choice for every cancer patient?

While osteopaths can provide treatment for any cancer patient, not all osteopathic techniques are recommended for all types of cancer. Osteopathic manipulation, especially techniques using thrust for instance, may not be appropriate for patients who:

  • have bone cancer

  • have cancer involving the bone marrow

  • also have other diseases such as osteoporosis, inflammatory diseases, infections or multiple sclerosis

  • are currently undergoing radiation treatments

  • are taking blood thinners

Some oncologists (cancer doctors) and osteopaths also may not advise undergoing osteopathic manipulation during chemotherapy, so be sure to discuss your treatment with Dr. Kasendorf right from the start to ensure you get the most appropriate, most effective and safest treatment.

How can I tell if osteopathy is the right choice for my cancer-related pain?

The best way to learn how osteopathic treatment may help your symptoms is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kasendorf and discuss your condition with him in depth. Dr. Kasendorf is experienced in helping cancer patients manage their pain through a variety of whole-body techniques, and he can work with you to develop a plan of treatment that's designed for your unique health needs and the cancer treatments you're undergoing.

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