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Dr. Roger Kasendorf and his staff specialize in the use of trigger point injections and osteopathic manipulations to create effective pain management plans. The doctor serves the La Jolla, California as well as residents in many neighboring communities.

Trigger Point Injections

What are Trigger Point Injections?

Trigger points are small knots that are the result of muscles remaining abnormally tight or stressed for a prolonged period of time. The knots can be felt under the skin and, at times, can be extremely painful. They can also irritate nerves in the area causing tingling and numbness. Trigger point injections involves injecting a saline solution that contains an anesthetic into the trigger point, eliminating the pain and discomfort. Trigger point injections are considered to be an outpatient procedure and can be performed in the doctor's office without any type of anesthesia. One or two injections will often provide sustained relief and prevent the trigger point from flaring up again. 

How do Trigger Point Injections Work?

Trigger points are localized knots that form in muscles when they have been under prolonged stress or are extremely tight. The trigger points can affect the nerves located near them, resulting in radiating pain that spreads throughout the area. A trigger point injection uses a saline based anesthetic to help alleviate the pain. The solution numbs the area effectively rendering it inactive. While the trigger points, or knots, may relax on their own, an osteopathic doctor may be able to provide relief through the manipulation of the soft tissues. This will help the muscles to relax and the trigger points to essentially dissolve or disappear.

How Long do Trigger Point Injections Last?

One or two sessions may be all it takes to effectively treat trigger point pain. The trigger points form when a muscle has become exceedingly tight without being able to relax. Using trigger point injections offers almost immediate relief. Once the trigger point injection has taken effect, gradually loosening the muscle may prevent future trigger points from forming. Gently massaging or manipulating the soft tissues can loosen the stiffened tissues, while exercising on a regular basis helps to keep the muscle relaxed on a long term basis. The use of trigger point injections may be able to help when other treatment options have failed.

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